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“Dianne is clearly a therapist who has done her own work, she walks her talk. As an advanced CranioSacral therapist, she is a gift to the world.” Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, CST-D, UII Instructor of 33 years and author of Reclaiming Your Body, and Full Body Presence.

“Dianne is an amazing energy worker. After a session with Dianne, I feel very calm, centered, and completely balanced, physically as well as mentally and emotionally. Dianne has also worked on my 13 year old, high-energy son with great success.  After a cranio session Nate is calmer and able to focus.”
“I have worked with Dianne for the past year both as her client and in a craniosacral therapy study group.  Her skills as a therapist are outstanding; she is present, thoughtful, and good at putting her hands in just the right place.  My previously daily headaches are significantly reduced since we’ve been working together.  In the study group she is helpful, supportive and fun to work with.  On the occasions that we’ve worked with children together, I’ve been impressed with her skills not only as a therapist but also interacting with the children. “
       Dr. Amy, ND

“I have had many CranioSacral sessions with Dianne Bohr.  Usually when I come to a session, I am experiencing stress and anxiety.  Also I tend to hold tension in my neck, shoulders and back.  On one occasion, my right shoulder was very painful when I raised my arm or went through a full range of motion.  Whenever I receive a CranioSacral session from Dianne, I always feel very peaceful and centered afterwards.  I feel calm even when faced with issues that might ordinararily make me feel stressed.  My back, neck and shoulders become relaxed and released, rather than feeling tightly bound up.   After the session where I started with shoulder pain, my shoulder stopped hurting.  I can now raise my arm or go through a range of motion without pain.  I always get good results after one session.  I always feel that each CranioSacral session is worthwhile and gives me a sense of well being.”
     Susan R.

“For many years I have suffered from pain in my shoulders and neck as well as my lower back. I had seen a variety of massage therapists and always had had deep tissue massage. When Dianne said that she also did CranioSacral Therapy I was a bit reluctant to try it. But once I did, I found the technique, mentally relaxing in addition to the relief I felt to my stressed muscles and pressure points.
One of the things that I really like about Dianne’s approach is how she explains what she is doing, often showing diagrams of the muscles and sore spots as the session ends. She also provides suggested exercises that you can do between sessions, to improve flexibility and relaxation. She has also suggested issues that I should discuss with my doctor to address issues that might have a physical relation to the way I react to stress.  I really enjoy my appointments with Dianne. And I am glad I was willing to try CranioSacral Therapy. It’s become a welcome part of doing something for myself.”
  Mary Burns

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